How to convince someone to stop drinking?

Alcohol addiction is a terrible grief for families. People who drink alcohol are the number one cause of domestic violence, financial problems, and the formation of false stereotypes in young children. Always watching the drinking relatives in the family, children can repeat their fate.

How to convince an alcoholic to stop drinking?

The big problem is that drunks are not aware of the existence of alcohol addiction until the end. For them, alcohol becomes the only joy in life. Feelings of trouble, the hardships of life are blunt.

It becomes almost impossible to persuade someone to stop drinking. But the stage of pleasant leisure with glasses quickly ends, disease appears, irreversible changes occur in the cerebral cortex.

Growing social problems

how to deal with alcoholism
  • more frequent conflicts in the family;
  • there is a change in the environment - friends are proven to turn away, and alcoholics take their places;
  • in a state of intoxication, a person easily breaks the law;
  • loss of interest in life, etc.

How to make a loved one stop drinking alcohol?

In order not to lose a loved one completely, relatives and friends have one last chance-to force someone to give up alcohol. In this case, one should not ignore any method and neglect the means of bringing back the stumbling person to society. How to persuade to stop drinking? Should he be persuaded? Where to start? Maybe you should force treatment?

Undoubtedly, it is necessary to try to persuade, to realize that the problem exists, to help realize it and understand: the situation must be addressed somehow. To reach his mind, to evoke memories of how good it was when alcohol didn’t control him.

After realizing the problem, you need to force the alcoholic to give up alcohol. This is a very difficult task, requiring incredible effort from you and the patient. Awareness of the problem did not always prompt him to stop drinking. One does not admit to the end that he cannot quit, he assures others that at this point he does not want to quit. But as soon as he wants, the vodka will be forgotten without effort. He truly believes that today he has no real motivation, especially since tomorrow "Vasya’s neighbor has a birthday", then Fisherman’s Day, but after the New Year, from 8 am, he will definitely stop. This can go on forever. At the same time, if you try to push, you can cause a strong aggression on yourself.

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What can make a drinker stop drinking?

There are some general rules to start with persuading an alcoholic:

  • talk about problems only when he is aware;
  • you are an important person to the patient;
  • provide solid evidence that he actually became an alcoholic;
  • justify your desire to help him recover from a hangover;
  • prove that there is a reliable method of treatment, cite for example a mutual friend that eliminates addiction;
  • promised to support him morally to the end.

It is often our own fault that drinking becomes a disaster. We ourselves try to ignore the problem to the end. We lose moments when addiction begins to dominate. Remember, when your loved ones start to lose their sense of proportion more often when drinking alcohol, the next day we hear:

  • "I always rest like this";
  • "I have no problem, everything is in order";
  • "I have everything under control";
  • "it was meant to be" and so on.

Whatever the reason may be named, promising "this is the last time", know that you are already in serious trouble! This means your husband, son, your boyfriend has become addicted to alcohol, it is now difficult to convince a man to stop drinking. But leaving it like that will not be effective, it will start to degrade before your eyes:

  • will not stop drinking, but, on the contrary, will do so more and more often;
  • will become more aggressive over time;
  • will lose control more often;
  • gradually destroying their emotional and mental state.

Even in a calm state, patients have the consequences of alcohol dependence: irritability, depression, isolation, tension. No need to indulge in illusions - "maybe it will get better on its own", "everything will change over time".

How can I make my husband stop drinking?

It’s time to act, but what will make a husband stop drinking? For this, all methods are good, we must try everything possible. Before using various methods to combat alcohol addiction, it is necessary:

how to make your husband stop drinking
  • gain or increase motivation - it must be strong. A person experiences an addiction that can only be overcome with strong motivation;
  • to boost self -esteem - to remind you what you love, how much he was valued at work before he started drinking.

Interesting fact: if a man is loved, valued, he is surrounded by care, it is almost impossible to meet an alcoholic in such a family. A man takes his first step toward a bottle out of dissatisfaction with his family’s life and relationships. It’s hard to help a lost person find himself, but it’s harder for him to correct himself. If a wife wants to save her husband, you need to stop making scandals, tantrums and crying, try to meet him calmly, kindly.

Ask yourself questions and answer honestly:

  • How can I change myself so that my husband stops drinking?
  • What am I ready for him to stop drinking?

Difficult? Hard? But there is no other way. Stop accusing him of all sins, strangle him with duties, pinches, limits. For a period of time, remove from your consciousness the belief that:

  • he must do;
  • he must be responsible;
  • he is a man;
  • he was obliged to "drag the family";
  • he must, must, must. . .

There is already a sick person in front of you, you will help him recover, and just remind him of his duty. In the meantime, stop blaming, don’t focus on the problem, take care of yourself. And, perhaps, after that, your words about the evils of alcohol will get a response in his soul.

Understanding, patience, care - this is what should surround a person, and the result of your efforts will be a strong family and people who have stopped drinking. Connecting relatives and friends. It is possible that the father or mother will be able to convince an alcoholic to be treated. Friends who are comfortable with alcohol can also help. A friend’s words are often a weighty argument for making important decisions.

How can I convince my child to stop drinking?

Stop drinking, become an alcoholic, patients need support. Isolating yourself from drinking buddies, this is essential for a successful fight against green snakes. Support him always, even if he fails, and he breaks. Let him try again to overcome that bad habit.

Do not store alcoholic beverages in the house, leave alcohol alone. The explanation "I drink, but I know when to stop" is inappropriate. You can make yourself stop drinking if you set a positive example yourself.

Measures to limit the amount of alcohol gradually in life do not work, there is no "drink culture". Complete and final rejection of alcohol is the main condition for composure.

What to do with an alcoholic who is struggling with a "green snake"? Support them in their efforts and attempts to stop the habit. For example, when the father persuades him to stop drinking, and the son tries to refuse a glass, it clearly shows positive emotions, consent. If the boy stumbles again, show sadness, dissatisfaction. You must help the drunkard cope with his addiction.

Can someone stop drinking on their own?

We would like to warn you: self -treatment of alcohol addicts is rarely effective. Sometimes, with the help of character and will, this is possible if the dependence on alcohol has not yet reached a physical level. The basis for letting go of addiction is the desire to save the family, get a job, status in society, other goals, the achievement of which will be a reward for the efforts made. As a help to yourself, you should start practicing proper nutrition, jogging, weekly bathing procedures.

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To combat alcoholism, folk and medical methods of treatment are widely used. Both options have pros and cons. They are often practiced when it is not possible to convince a boyfriend, husband or son who drinks alcohol about the dangers of the habit.
There are pharmacological and folk preparations that cause extreme aversion to alcohol. They are harmless, do not cause addiction or rejection of the body. They contain substances that are completely incompatible with alcohol. They are added to drinks or food to people who drink.

After drinking beverages containing alcohol, they cause unpleasant reactions of the body: vomiting, nausea, dizziness, etc. Of the most commonly used folk remedies:

  • boil thyme;
  • boil the goat;
  • St. John's wort decoction.

A method of attracting hidden persuasion to stop drinking existed in ancient times - the fecal fungus. Fungi contain substances that stop the conversion of ethyl alcohol to acetaldehyde. If you eat mushrooms, then drink alcohol, then a person will experience severe symptoms of poisoning. Our grandmothers weaned their husbands from alcohol this way. But in modern reality, it is better not to use this method, especially since medicine has come a long way.

Why is expert help needed?

If an alcoholic can not stop drinking, then not only the hidden methods of the people, but also drugs can be used. It is a pharmacological formulation in the form of drops and tinctures. They are cheap. Drugs can be used in secret, but success is not always possible.

If the disease has long and firmly rooted, the use of drops is insufficient. Treatment of alcoholism in the hospital is required with the involvement of doctors - narcologists and psychologists. In cases of severe alcoholism, it is no longer possible to do without the help of a qualified physician.

There are 3 stages of chronic alcoholism. If the first two still give hope to get rid of the disease itself, then in the third stage, the alcoholic himself will not stop drinking without the help of a doctor.

There are times when the problem is growing every day, it is necessary to decide on mandatory treatment. Such actions are governed by law no. 323-FZ. Determination at the narcology dispensary is carried out according to the conclusions of a psychiatrist.

It is better not to lead to such a situation, and to help the alcoholic until now. Take care of your loved ones early and find your own methods to convince drinkers to stop drinking. The specialized clinic, for its part, will do everything possible to bring healthy people back to society. True professionals treat alcohol addiction at any stage and are ready to accompany you from the first consultation to full recovery.