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  • Йордан
    I have tried different methods and medications. Or, it was not the result of or effect of which is quickly gone, even after a week, and once again he began to drink it as it was before. With alkozeron all of it is different. As a result of these capsules you don't drink alcohol for the past eight months. Sorry that I didn't know before, and that there is a very effective tool, in this case, at an affordable price.
  • Стефан
    Due to the contained alcohol, he left a wife, a visor of the child. I was alone, I realized that you don't need. I decided that it was time to do something about it. He spoke to the psychiatrist. The doctor also recommended taking the capsules alkozeronsaid, that to the best of this tool, it is not. You already don't drink alcohol, I hope the wife with the kids would soon be back, and we'll be happy to as it was before my day.
  • Мария
    To relax and unwind after a long day of work, would drink and drink every night. One day, he realized that, failing to do so, and I became dependent on it. To contact the clinic and we did not dare. The history on the internet to find out about possible treatment options. At the forum, she learned about the alkozeron. After a couple of days for the consumption of alcohol has become become. You already don't drink alcohol, I feel great!
  • Иван
    An effective way to combat addiction to alcohol. The brother, now has more than 10 years of drinking too much. It got to the point that he has a wife, a visor of the child. By chance, the family learned about the fact that there are only the capsules alkozeronthat will help cut down on your drinking for a few days of hospitalization. And so it came to pass, and I finally, after so many years, we have seen the brother a baby.
  • Радка
    Alkozeron you saved our family, and, in particular, for the life of her husband. The one decent person alcohol addiction has turned him into an unemployed, a drunk, an irresponsible manner. Day-to-day feasts, and the fumes throughout the apartment... right Now it's already the third month, and didn't drink. Forced to drink these tablets, in the name of the pills, the pain in his head.
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